Suction Cups & Metal Springs

About Our Products

Suction cups are a type of fastener, attaching display items or signage, like the “baby-on-board” sign to flat smooth surfaces like glass. Suction cups are also commonly known as suction pads or suckers.

ANK Agencies supplies a wide range of suckers in different widths, various styles and with diverse.            

Metal springs are coiled or flat metal that has been tempered to give it, its elastic effect.  Springs are used to return an object or devise back to its original position after movement.

Suction Cups
Suction cups are used to hang posters on glass windows, for displaying signs or to pick up objects or food. These sucking cups are perfect for attaching to any flat, non-porous surface and will adhere…

Metal Springs
ANK Agencies specializes in the manufacture and supply of metal springs. The standard product range includes various types of springs, custom manufactured to required specifications…

Our Story

ANK Agencies was established in 2003, providing metal springs and clips to the mining industry. From there the business rapidly grew to supplying the manufacturing, industrial and engineering sectors with various types of torsion, spiral, disc and compression springs.

ANK Agencies commitment to service and product excellence ensures continued success in the manufacture of niche product lines.