Metal Springs

ANK Agencies specializes in the manufacture and supply of metal springs. The standard product range includes various types of springs, custom manufactured to required specifications.

ANK Agencies industrial springs have

• Quick manufacturing lead-times
• Delivery made by courier
• No minimum order quantities

All that you need to do is …

• Send an image of the spring,
• The exact dimensions
• Quantity you require

We will match your specifications perfectly, provide a price quote and on approval of the order, deliver to your door.

Standard Range of Springs

Compression spring


The compression spring  is  one  of  the most common types of springs.   They can be found in pens or motor vehicle engines.  This spring compresses when loaded with weight, and decompresses when the load is removed.

Extension spring


An extension spring is attached to an application on both ends. These springs are made of coiled steel and have loops on either end for attachment. When it is holding a load, it stretches apart and returns to its original position when the load released.

Torsion spring


A torsion spring is also attached on two ends, but it works at a 90 degree angle from other springs. When it takes a load, the torsion spring rotates on its axis.

Constant force spring


Constant force springs are tightly wound bands of steel that resemble a roll of tape. A load forces the spring to contract, and when it is removed, the spring rebounds with a constant force. Constant force springs are found in hand wound clocks and wind-up toys.

Belleville washers


Belleville springs resemble a slightly tapered disc and are therefore commonly known as washers. They are used in conjunction with fasteners like bolts for pre-tensioning  purposes. Typically, a bolt is inserted in a Belleville spring, and then attached to a substrate.