Suction Cups


Suction cups are used to hang posters on glass windows, for displaying signs or to pick up objects or food.

These sucking cups are perfect for attaching to any flat, non-porous surface and will adhere with a lot of force if applied correctly. The suction pads are made from soft pvc or rubber and stick to a surface using the force of air pressure.

The suckers are able to hold up any hanging object without interfering with its cosmetic appearance. The suction cups supplied by ANK Agencies are of the highest quality and conform to strict product specifications

Available Colours

Suction cups are available in…
• Clear – this is the standard colour
• Special colours – matched to specific requirements, quantity dependent


Benefits Of Suction Cups

• Attach display signage to glass windows and shelving
• For “Baby On Board” signs
• Attach stuffed toys to motor vehicle glass windows
• Buffers between glass and metal shelving
• Open and Closed business signage
• Satellite navigation to motor vehicle glass windows
• Pick up glass and Perspex sheeting

• Fasteners
• Shop fitting
• Furniture – outdoor and glass furniture
• Advertising displays
• Art displays and galleries
• Gifts and novelties
• Special suction cups are used to pick up food items

Our Suction Cups Product Range

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Clear suction cups with metal hooks:

Clear suction cups with a hole:

Clear suction cups with mushroom grooved head:

Clear suction cups with thumb tack pin:

Clear suction cups with hole and lip:

Clear suction cups with sign fixing clip – flat:

Clear suction cups with sign fixing clip – horizontal:

Double sided suction cups: